Common Safety Standard Certifications

Our products have passed the safety standards of various countries, including the FI(Finland), N (Norway), CSA (Canada Standards Association), D (Denmark), CB (International Certification Body), UL (American Underwriters Laboratory), DVE (Germany), TUV (North America), and SWEDEN (Sweden) safety standard. They have also obtained electromagnetic compatibility and electromagnetic radiation interference related certification, such as CE (European safety standard for electrical equipment), FCC (American Federal Communications Commission) and CCEE (Chinese Great Wall) certification. Most consumers, when they do not understand the specifications indicted on the power supply, look at the number of passed certifications to determine whether they are dealing with a good or bad power supply.

Of course, if a product has passed a safety standard certification, this indicated that it complies with “a certain” norm for electrical equipment in that particular country, however, that same safety standard can be divided into many different subcategories with each subcategory having different implications. CSA certification, for example, does not only distinguish region and product type, but also distinguishes different classes, so who can guarantee the universal quality of power supplies?

When a power supply has passed many different safety standard certifications, this of course indirectly means that this product in some way has reached a certain standard, however, some safety standard marks are easily copied and the public is often deceived by “underground certification”. There are even manufacturers without concern for the implications for the user.

If safety standard indications can be falsified, then how can you distinguish original from fake? Once a product has passed a safety standard certification, you can check relevant information either with the organization that issued the certification or on that organization’s website. Of course, this requires” time”, so when purchasing a power supply, another option would be to choose a product from a reputable large manufacturer or a brand praised by gamers. Some power supply manufacturers include a copy of the safety standard certification in their packaging as a user reference, and although this is a responsible method of the manufacturer, the user has no way of knowing whether this copy isn’t fake also.

ご安心ください! Power Supply FSP FSP600-702UH
互換品番 FSP:
[ FSP600-702UH ]
商品番号: PSFS050


ご安心ください! Power Supply FSP FSP600-80PSA FSP600-50HPN
互換品番 FSP:
[ FSP600-80PSA FSP600-50HPN ]
商品番号: PSFS051


ご安心ください! Power Supply FSP FSP100-50LG FSP250-60LG FSP200-50LG
互換品番 FSP:
[ FSP100-50LG FSP250-60LG FSP200-50LG ]
商品番号: PSFS052


ご安心ください! Power Supply FSP FSP250-60SV
互換品番 FSP:
[ FSP250-60SV ]
商品番号: PSFS053


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